Santa Fe

All homeowners know that a home to-do list pretty much never ends. Whether it’s repainting your dining room, replacing weatherstripping, installing new flooring, or repairing a leak, you could work for days on end on your home and probably still have unfinished tasks. Thankfully, My Handy Pro is here to help!

Now serving the Santa Fe area, My Handy Pro is a local handyman company who can complete a huge variety of handyman services for you. We strive to make your life easier and your home more comfortable, and we are extremely skilled at a variety of small, large, and odd household jobs.

Santa Fe Handyman Services Save You Time and Money

Rather than give up your entire weekend to complete a variety of DIY projects around the house, give us a call to schedule your handyman services. Particularly if you’re not adept at certain household projects, you’re better off calling in a local handyman in Santa Fe to complete the tasks for you. You may think you can save yourself a good chunk of change by doing handyman repairs yourself, but when you account for equipment purchases, multiple trips to the hardware store, and possible costly mistakes you may make, it’s really in your best interest to call in a professional from the start.

Our Handyman Services

Our staff consists of several local handyman experts who are skilled in a variety of areas. Be sure to check out our comprehensive list of handyman services and give us a call if you need something done that you don’t see listed on our website. Below are just some of the handyman services we offer to Santa Fe residents:

  • Assembly – Commercial equipment, sports & workout equipment, play equipment, etc.
  • Carpentry – Crown molding, decks & stairs, cabinetry, siding & trim, arbors, etc.
  • Doors – Storm & security doors, hinges, weatherstripping, locks & deadbolts, etc.
  • Electrical – Ceiling fans, switches, light fixtures, audio/video, dimmers, etc.
  • Flooring – Subflooring, epoxy floor finishes, carpeting, tile, hardwood, repairs, etc.
  • Plumbing – Leak repair, appliance hookup, hot water heaters, sinks & toilets, drains, etc.
  • Painting – Drywall & plaster, interior & exterior, staining, floors, cabinets, furniture, etc.
  • Repairs – Walls & ceilings, trim & siding, doors, screens, windows, mirrors, etc.

As you can see, our handyman services are incredibly comprehensive and all-encompassing. Save yourself time, money, and a headache by calling My Handy Pro in Santa Fe today!